A few years ago when I started encapsulating placentas I thought it would be a novel concept to add an herbal blend to the placenta powder to create a “super” placenta pill. The herbal blend would vary per individual needs and I normally added 2-3 herbs. I offered it upon request but never encouraged it. Years later I have now completely changed my position on this and I actually discourage adding herbs to the placenta powder when encapsulating. Of course if a client is sure they want it, I always oblige after educating them on pros and cons.



One of the obvious ones is that there are less supplements to take.  Being postpartum caring for a new baby and possibly young children, it can be a challenge to remember to take a shower (can I get an amen?!)  – let alone additional supplements beyond placenta pills.  Some people also HATE swallowing pills, the fewer the better. 



Before you ask your placenta specialist to add herbs to your placenta there are a few very important things you should consider. First it is *crucial* you have been exposed to this herbs prior, each individually, to ensure you don’t have any allergic reactions or an intolerance to them. If you add the herb to your placenta and the is a reaction, your pills will be rendered no longer usable. You will also not be able to identify which herb caused the adverse reaction. It would be a shame to waste your placenta. Hopefully the herbs you want added are not contraindicated prenatally and you can take each herb for 3-5 days to monitor for a reaction. I’m a huge fan of herbal infusions, that is my favorite way to ingest herbs. I love that it is hydrating to my body.

The placenta in and of it’s self is very powerful potent medicine for postpartum recovery and wellness. It may be all a woman requires. We need to honor and respect the placenta that it is complete. If she desires or needs an additional supplement she can take one separately. Adding herbs to the placenta can decrease it’s potency and purity.


So what if you want to add herbs to your placenta, which ones are ideal?

For anemia I recommend Yellow Dock root, Burdock root and Nettle.

For depression; St John Wort and Passionflower.

For increasing milk production; Fennel, Alfalfa and Blessed Thistle.



 Did you have your placenta encapsulated? If so, did you add any herbal “boosters” to it?  Please share your experience with placenta encapsulation.