about me

Coffee, dark chocolate and ice cream are like kryptonite to me. They render me powerless. Combine all three and I’m putty in your hands.

I love to read, I have only read half of the books I own or less. I’m a book hoarder, I can’t stop buying them. Are there help groups for people like me?

When I was in high-school I wanted to buy a VW bus and tour with Phish, somehow I ended up in the military instead.

My older sister and I have matching tattoos on our feet. It is a Celtic sister knot.

I’m a professionally trained baker and a former barista.

I’m ridiculously addicted to HGTV. My favorite shows are you Love It or List It, House Hunters and Income Property.

I’m obsessed with IKEA. I think I have the whole catalog memorized.

I did a culinary externship in Europe, Ireland of all places. Not my first choice when I think of stellar culinary delights.

I love to laugh and I can laugh at myself most importantly.

I’m not graceful at all. I’ve broken the same arm twice, once on roller skates when I was 9yrs old and then again in my mid-twenties. I no longer rollerblade or rollerskate.

I’ve been told I talk fast. Quite fast actually. I like to joke I don’t talk fast, others listen too slow.

6 weeks after the birth of my 2nd son my appendix ruptured, it was also gangrene and abscessed. It nearly claimed my life, leaving my husband a widower with two very young children. I praise the Lord for letting me watch my boys grow and keeping me here to finish His work. Life is precious and fleeting. All the more reason to make sure it’s captured in photographs because we never know when a loved one will leave our lives.

There is no such thing as too much garlic.

I would rather scrub a toilet than do laundry. No joke. I loathe laundry.

On a more serious note.

I’m a native of the San Francisco bay area, transplanted to Delaware in 1999 via the Air Force.

I am a mom to three boys. Reed, 12 yrs, Jonas 9 yrs and Silas, 6 yrs.

My family is my priority but I have many passions in life. I am passionate about natural healing as a herbalist, childbirth, coffee and photography.

My creative personality has lead me on many paths and continues to.

While my first son was an infant I started becoming interested in photography and I wanted to capture those precious moments of him growing. During the last couple years my abilities as a photographer grew while I started attending Delaware Tech as a Photo Imaging major and learned how to handle a camera. I am always trying to hone my skill in everything I do.

My love for pregnancy, birth and babies lead me to maternity, nursing and newborn photography. To me pregnancy, the transformation of a mother in the making, is such a special time whether she is a first-time mother or a fifth-time mother. During the first few weeks of life a newborn grows and changes so quickly. As parents we want to savor those brief sweet moments.

My current endeavors are studying birth, herbalism, photography and enriching the birth community.

I have completed the Certified Herbalist course with Heart of Herbs. I am enrolled for further continuing herbal education with Aviva Romm, MD in the Woman’s Herbal Educator course to enrich myself to serve my clients better.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, photography, traveling, and being active in my church

Education and Training

  • 2006 Certified Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
  • 2009 Midwifery Today International Conference, Denmark
  • 2009 Birth Arts International, Labor Doula
  • 2010 Heart of Herbs, Certified Herbalist – certification pending
  • 2010 Midwifery Today Conference, Philadelphia
  • 2013 Birth Arts International, Labor Doula (Host)
  • 2013 Spinning Babies with Gail Tully
  • 2013 Herbal Medicine for Women with Aviva Romm, MD