placenta encapsulation

Serving Delaware and eastern shore Maryland.

You are pregnant, congratulations!

You are preparing for the impending arrival of your bundle of joy; perhaps getting your nursery ready, selecting a pediatrician, going to frequent prenatal appointments, getting all your must have items for pregnancy, attending childbirth classes, reading books and hopefully you have considered postpartum recovery.

After your birth you want to…

  • Heal quickly
  • Have energy to care for your newborn
  • Reduce your risk for postpartum depression & baby blues
  • Desire balanced hormones
  • Restore iron levels
  • Have an abundance of breastmilk
    Feel more prepared & equipped for motherhood

The placenta’s hormonal make-up is completely unique to the mother. No prescription, vitamin or herbal supplement can do what a placenta pill can.

How amazing is that?

I have encapsulated nearly 300 placentas and counting!

Experienced. Safe. Reliable.

Choose a Package That Suits Your Needs Best


  • Your choice of placenta prep
  • Cord keepsake
  • Phone & email support
  • Postpartum guide
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  • Your choice of placenta prep
  • Pick up & drop off
  • Cord keepsake
  • Placenta tincture
  • Herbal postpartum kit
  • Phone & email support
  • Postpartum guide
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Have questions? See the FAQ PAGE or contact me for a complimentary phone consultation.

I follow OSHA standards having successfully completed a Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Training course (in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030). Your placenta is prepared using ONLY and ALL sterilized equipment. You can read more about my sanitation protocol on my FAQ page.