“Your website was very welcoming and professional. Your quick response and eagerness to be helpful in regards to questions or concerns was great. Once receiving my pills the packaging really caught my eye I love details like that and the box with everything was perfect and my container the pills were stored in! Upon arrival to the hospital, I immediately felt like you were someone I had known for years. Very down to earth and I felt so comfortable with you doing this for me! Loved the whole experience and I recommmend this to anyone I know who is expecting! I will definitely be doing this for any other pregnancy I have!” – Jessica

“I though it was awesome that you not only hand delivered the pills and other items but you sat with me and went over everything that was included. You could have easily just dropped everything in the mail with a list and left it at that. I would definitely recommend any of your packages to all expecting mamas!” – Heather

“No postpartum depression was a big plus for me! Being an emotional mess during pregnancy, I loved that taking my placenta pills made me feel happier and gave me the energy I needed to take care of a newborn. Also, my milk supply increased and bleeding decreased so that was also a plus!” – Brooke